Confidentiality – Your first priority is to excel at your current position. It is our first priority to help you conduct a confidential career search.

Personal touch – Our clients and candidates are provided with our direct office number along with our mobile number. You call and we answer.

Feedback – Frequently we speak to candidates who think they have been submitted to multiple companies with “no feedback”. Whether good news or bad news we pride ourselves on providing you feedback on submittals and interviews.

Transparency – We only submit your resume to firms that you have agreed to by name. We do not send blind job descriptions. Our candidates know the company name, website and opening where they have been submitted.

Integrity and honesty in dealing with our clients and candidates.

Relationships – We give first before we ask anything of you. We would rather give good advice and assist in building your career rather then collect an immediate fee.

Advice – We are here to share market knowledge on compensation, benefits and market trends. Often we are an unbiased source of information when you are trying to make a tough career decision.